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Hand Built Legal Custom Choppers For Sale; WATCH FOR THE NEW MODELS

Black Dog Custom Cycle Mfg LLC is a Christian Values based company and all my wonderful  talents are on loan from God!!

CALL OR EMAIL ROBT. at the owner/master builder/manufacturer of exclusive line of legal bikes and a customizing shop.

There is no better time than RIGHT NOW to buy a BLACK DOG CHOPPER MOTORCYCLE!!!
Also offering specials on factory scheduled maintenance for all types of bikes




Be aware of imitation. Often imitated never duplicated.
Black Dog Choppers is a fully Federally registered trademark and service mark for
Black Dog Custom Cycle MFG LLC.

R. E. Rafalko c/o Blackdog Custom Cycle Mfg. L L C | 814 Thompson Run Road, West Mifflin PA 15122
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Hey you bikers! You do know that I am the C.E.O. (that is CHOPPER EXECUTIVE OFFICER) of and I say screw micro management! I am selling my boss's factory demo bike whether he likes it or not! If I left it up to the master builder / boss he would keep every one he makes ... because ... since he personally breaks in all finished machines he develops a love / bond for his Black Dog creations, and it's hard to separate him from them! CLICK HERE TO SEE PICTURE ON MODELS PAGE.


Easy access to Robt on the web remember

Robt E. Rafalko

 YOU, the customer, have spoken and I have listened!

Starting now, I will strive as much as possible to make my bikes ALL-AMERICAN using primarily S&S and Ultima motors, JIMS trannys, BDL belt drives, Dakota Digital exclusively for instrumentation, Avon tyres for all bikes, all finish maintenance by's ACE-it spray on polish, my Black Dog Chopper Wheels, all lights are LED’s and plasma halogen bulbs adding to the safety & high visibility, and steel from American producers. All Black Dog Custom Cycles will be equipped with the best suspension components available by Progressive Suspensions Inc. U.S.A. I use and "sell only" KENDON IND.Inc STAND-UP BIG BIKE trailers for all my bike transportation needs.

*** IMPORTANT!!! The above mentioned parts will be from the USA
unless otherwise specified by YOU, the customer. ***

Since we live in an international trade market, some things are impossible to get in the USA, so I promise to use AMERICAN PRIDEFUL PARTS WHEREVER POSSIBLE. This is what YOU, the customer, have asked for even if there is a price increase. I AM PROUD TO SAY THIS AND I MEAN IT!!!

Robt. E. Rafalko, Owner, Black Dog Custom Cycle Mfg. LLC.


Robt. and Black Dog Chopper use Mobil 1 exclusively.
"I only use the 1!" - Robt. E. Rafalko

Easy access to Robt on the web remember

Robt E. Rafalko

2018 Pro -Chop... called this because it is half ways between a long and low pro-street and a true black dog chopper long and tall chopper...

it is all in flat black powder coat with absolutely no plastic bondo body work all English wheel work and shrinking and stretching done to the metal all tig and mig welds are exposed no molding or grinding
custom black dog with all the flaws showing.
This is hand made quality controlled frame on my frame fixture with no center seat post and increased torque capable engine cradle...
massive DOM tubing from the USA and Hi torque swing arm softail design.
121.5 show polish high torque motor ...6 speed right side drive tranny with a massive 530 o ring black chain
hawg halters in board right side custom disc brakes
almost 400 thousand spokes with a250 Avon in the rear and a 120x70x21 Avon up front, 38 degrees of rake and only a 6 inch over wide glide front end with a lightened carbon fiberglass front gangster fender.
All hand made and tested to be used by a big rider because it is a big every day rider if your not at least 6'1" don't bother calling on this one BIG agile fast long and very expensive Black Dog Custom Cycle mfg. llc.
almost ready to be delivered anywhere

NEW FOR 2019!!

  • it is a legal 2019 Black Dog Custom Cycle Trike
  • model: Pro-Chop Trike
  • engine: 121.5 cu. inch
  • right side drive 6 speed transmission
  • open belt drive
  • 2# 255x35x18 rear and front 130x70x18 Avon Trike Tire
  • frame: is my bullet proof frame...
    6" out stretch and 4" up stretch with 38 degrees of rake with a 2" radius DOM down tube
  • Independent Rear Suspension IMC components
  • fast ...low... and long, a very responsive and agile daily rider.
  • completely black powdercoated

Robt. Rafalko on the Black Dog Chopper
Model 250 Pro Street Dual Seater


Take the fear out of buying a hand built custom chopper! We invite you to send us your questions, comments, or requests for estimates by simply taking a moment to email us at Black Dog Chopper owner Robt. Rafalko will personally answer all inquiries!

The Problem With Sales in the Bike Business

Here at Black Dog Custom Cycle Mfg. LLC my mission is to produce a strong reliable daily rider and as the smallest legal federally-registered manufacturer of 7 really dependable cool models... I see that sales are at an all-time low.


People are afraid to spend disposable income on my products and others in this adult toy class. I saw that "every economic cycle has an up and a down and an end... for the last 4 decades". Now this cycle happens to be extremely long, and deep on the down side. But this too shall pass.

So, while people are not buying bikes like mine and my competitors... the businesses "they are just fading away".

Now the difference between a good motorcycle company and A GREAT ONE is the softening of the after-the-sale blues (cognitive dissonance) and the security knowing you will be taken care by me...

Insecurity in the economy of America is keeping you from buying a new Black Dog Chopper (or other bike brand for that matter). After buying a Black Dog Chopper I stay with you as a family member (customer) from the beginning and there is no end to my follow up support. I am here for you always - this is my life and passion, and if it is yours' then I am here for you.

Now, not being selfish I extend that offer to you, a potential customer, with whatever degree of experience you come with and bike in mind. Go to my competitors and if you get treated right, and that's the product you want, now is the time to... buy it!

Come see me and let's fuel your passion!

Black Dog
Owner of Black Dog Custom Cycle Mfg. LLC

Black Dog Chopper has purchased a complete line of high-tech engine analysis equipment, including video cylinder imaging. Now in-bike examinations and diagnosis are capable…

We have complete machine shop services and fast turnaround for S@S, RevTech, Ultima, and H/D. And don't forget - Dyno Tune-ups are available by appointment all season long!

Reminder from; Senor Black Dog
I do all your maintenance services:

  • Including PA state safety inspection
  • Winterizing includes fuel treatments, oil changes; in; tranny... primary ...and engines.
  • Cylinder fogging products for cold storage
  • All your winter upgrades
  • Modification projects
  • Complete tire replacement service
  • Complete tire sales and mounting service
  • And all your major repairs


Black Dog Choppers     WEAVER EQUIPMENT

Now offers a complete tire service using the finest tire changers designed to not damage custom wheels and a high quality static and dynamic balancing system exclusively from WEAVER EQUIPMENT .

We will match any mounted and balanced tire written estimate and take another 10 % off for the first time customer!

Black Dog Custom Cycles is also now offering new services and parts - from small engine services and parts, to new snow plows and accessories for your ATV. Just call Robt. for all your needs. Still no credit card sales, but I will match any internet printed price!!!

If there is a small group wanting to attend a safety seminar, special arrangements can be made although the classes have finished for this season. The safety seminars were a great hit with first-time chopper riders and will resume next off-season.

If you have any comments, questions, or concerns please email us at

Black Dog Chopper has been designing hand built legal custom choppers for sale for many years. We have been a federally registered licensed motor vehicle manufacturer for many years - all bikes you see for sale on this website are FMVSS (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards) compliant. NO MORE SPECIAL CONSTRUCTION WOES!!!!!!.

Black Dog Chopper has hand built legal custom choppers for sale and Pro-Street cycles, apparel, and Black Dog Chopper wheels. We are also a vendor for many major motorcycle parts manufacturers in the United States. Please take a minute to view our Black Dog Chopper Models page or view some of our Black Dog Chopper Wheels. You can also view our Black Dog Chopper Merchandise.

Our goal at Black Dog Chopper is to design exclusive hand tested, bad, loud, wide tire, totally hand built legal custom choppers for sale to you. Each bike is a hand built legal custom chopper for sale by Robt. Rafalko – no customizations to any aspect of these bikes is needed.

We crank out between 10 to 12 hand built legal custom choppers for sale each year. They are reasonably priced from $19,700 to the maximum price of $34,999. * Be on the lookout for our new entry-level 100ci 100 plus hp Pro-Bobber 200mm rear Softail Chopper for under $20,000!

We don't sell these bikes to just anyone, either - if you don't have at least 10 years of motorcycle experience, then you're out of luck!

Robt. Rafalko travels with his hand built legal custom choppers to all major motorcycle shows nationwide as a vendor.

*** Come see me any day of the week at the factory by calling for a one-on-one buyer interview, or just come meet the creator of these exclusive machines. See my ad in See my ad in Cycle Source Magazine at***

For more information about Black Dog Chopper, please take a moment to view our Black Dog Chopper Contact page.

Big Dog and American Iron Horse Bike Owners

New and still under warranty … or if you are out of warranty I am offering my technical services (which if warranty work is authorized by S & S they will cover it). Just like if their dealer was still in business and we can begin a relationship for all you current warranty complaints with the engines & all your future performance, accessories, and service needs.

This is the first of many service men and women abroad... Unit designators being published on my all-American patriots support website... This one is a family member of mine serving overseas. The proud name of this one is "Escape from Camp Patriot L'Cats". I am ex-navy and so proud, so all you heroes out there: Send art ready designators of your units and a short story... and I will add to this wall of proud fame and support you.

Be aware of imitation. Often imitated never duplicated.
Black Dog Choppers is a fully Federally registered trademark and service mark for
Black Dog Custom Cycle MFG LLC.

R. E. Rafalko c/o Blackdog Custom Cycle Mfg. L L C | 814 Thompson Run Road, West Mifflin PA 15122
Email us at: